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Manic Focus is the musical conception of John “JmaC” McCarten that breaks the bounds of the typical electronic music realm. Being classically-trained on piano at an early age, his musical talents have brought him through the realms of hip-hop beats and electronic music, having now evolved into the dynamic, bass-induced sounds of Manic Focus. A Minnesota native and recent transplant to Chicago, this producer is now blowing up the EDM music scene and gaining a huge following.

Manic Focus isn’t your typical electronic dance music. His first album, Definition of the Rhythm, provides a broad array of musical creations, from energized hip-hop hits to tranquil grooves with funky flow.
His dark bass lines and popping beats drive the tracks along, while spellbinding melodies and carefully-chosen vocal samples entrance the listener. The essence ofManic Focus lies within his flawless production, weaving together rhythms and effects to create sheer masterpieces.

His newly-released second album, Expanding Mind, showcases how Manic Focus is broadening his sound, veering from the murky depths of heavy bass music toward a funky, bass-laden dance vibe. Also dipping into the realms of house and drum & bass music, Manic Focus is exploring a world of new sounds and producing pure musical magic. To accompany the single, “Circles”, he premiered his first ever music video, featuring the world-famous Hula Hoop artist, Lisa Lottie, and produced by Digital Skylight. This album, overall, demonstrates his incredible creativity in mixing all genres, as his musical ability evolves.

To compliment his grows success, Manic Focus is hitting the Midwest in May on a tour sponsored by Grassroots California. Having slayed Chicago’s crowds for the past 8 months, he’s now catching the eye of promoters across the nation and booking gigs from the East to West Coast. Between his live performances, his albums, and the plethora of releases on sites and blogs like, Manic Focus is far from slowing down and is quickly becoming one of the top, must-see performers on the electronic music scene.


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