Sunday Sep 1 5:00 PM on The Tent Stage

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Neither of them can stretch to extraordinary lengths, crush things with unorthodox strength, turn invisible or fly through the air while on fire; however, this NORtastic four has been dominating Chicago nightlife with analogous voracity. They play great music and attract fans with very different, yet mutually complimenting, set of magnetic personalities. The NORdjs - Kibo, Phatt Ivan, Tima Fei and M. Sylvia - have warmed up for an impressive list of international talent, rocked many a dance floor from start to finish, and just celebrated their four-year residency at Chicago's Sound-bar Nightclub. Oh, and the fruits of their studio labor are already showing with releases on Rockets and Ponies and System Recordings. They claim never to have been exposed to dangerous doses of cosmic radiation, but with this kind of resume, one can't help but wonder.



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